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In a nutshell, dabbing is defined as inhaling the vapour of highly concentrated concoctions with cannabinoid percentages of 75%+ and a purity that "regular" hash could only dream of. So, what do you need to "budder up" and have a dab? You need a concentrate, a dab tool, a blowtorch, and what is commonly referred to as an oil rig or dab rig. This contraption is simply the apparatus that has been made specifically for taking a dab.

These devices come in two main styles: skillet and nail. A skillet and dome rig consists of a small metal plate attached to a swing arm and a dome above, which leads to the downstem of the rig. A nail and globe rig utilises a nail made of either quartz, titanium, or glass, and a glass tube or sphere to encase the nail and vapour. The dab tool is a small rod made of either glass or metal that is used to dab the concentrate on the hot skillet or nail you heated using the torch.

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Zamnesia Silicone Oil Jar

The Zamnesia Silicone Oil Jar is designed to house all your BHO, wax, hash, and any concentrate you may have, with complete safety and hygiene in mind. Made from non-stick silicone, this concentrate container will ensure you have easy access to your stash both at home and on the go, without it sticking or making a mess. A must have tool for any cannabis concentrate lover.


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Torch Hyper Lighter

Wether you work in a garage or laboratory or you enjoy having a dab, sooner or later you'll need a lighter or blowtorch. And that's when the Torch Hyper Lighter comes handy. It provides a high power blue jet flame that can be controlled by adjusting the air and gas supply. One filling is enough for 220 minutes of constant operation. Comes with a rack.


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RAW Silicone-Coated Parchment Pouch (20 pcs)

These silicone-coated parchment pouches made from 100% natural, unbleached paper come handy if you have to transport something sticky. RAW - always paramount when it comes to eco-friendliness. Dimensions (folded): 8 x 8cm. Content: 20 pcs.


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RAW Parchment Papers

Got something precious (sticky?) you want to wrap up? Fold a small envelope! These parchment paper sheets are unbleached and silicone-coated, so that none of your goods will stick to the paper. Silicone is the most effective and eco-friendly non-stick coating for surfaces. Content: 100 sheets Dimensions: 8 x 8cm


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OIL Set Black Leaf

This oil set by Black Leaf is a 3-piece adapter kit with which you can turn any common glass bong into a rig. The set is made of highly heat-proof borosilicate glass and consists of nail, vapor dome and a male/male adapter. Both the dome and adapter are decorated with two letterings; a big OIL and a smaller Black Leaf. Male/male adapter sure ground diameter: 14.4mm.


18,95 16,11
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Glass OIL Spoon

Essential for handling oils and essences, a spoon. This one is by the masters of glass bongs and is made of borosilicate glass decorated with two letterings, a big OIL and a smaller "Black Leaf". Length: 14cm. Bowl diameter: 23mm


7,50 6,37
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Glass OIL Mixing Tray

A durable accessory for handling oils and essences manufactured by Black Leaf. This mixing tray is made of sturdy clear borosilicate glass and bears the lettering O!L Black Leaf. Diameter: 90mm, height: 22mm.


7,50 6,37
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Glass OIL Poker

Particularly designed as dabbing accessory by the masters of oil rigs and glass bongs. This poker (some may call it dabber) is made from sturdy clear borosilicate glass and has a rounded end to allow for easy handling of oils and essences and a flat end that can be used as a tamper. Decorated with the letterings OIL and Black Leaf. Length: 15cm.


5,00 4,25
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Titanium Oil Nail

This Titanium Oil Nail by Black Leaf is made from highest quality titanium and has an adjustable threaded shaft to fit your bong. Available joint sizes: 14.5mm size (nail head diameter 11mm, length: 52mm) and 18.8mm size (nail head diameter 15mm, length: 56mm).


22,50 19,12
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Quartz Glass Oil Nail

Oil nail made of highly heat resistant and hard clear quartz glass. Manufactured by Black Leaf, so you know it is high quality. Heat the nail with a blowtorch until it is red-hot and then apply the dab into the nail pan. Length: 63mm. Diameter of nail pan: 10mm. Available for 14.4mm and 18.8mm bongs.


13,50 11,47
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Titanium Oil Tool

Working with oily and sticky substances can be tricky, but with this dabber made of extremely heat-resistant titanium grade 2 it is a cakewalk! Length: 120mm


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Oil Pan Titanium

This oil nail is made from high-grade titanium, making it highly heat-resistant. Its peculiarity are the 5 holes in the attached smoking pan, allowing for use without a dome. Length: 62mm. Joint size: 14,5mm + 18,8mm


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Titanium Carb Cap Dabber

While dabbing on a nail while it is red-hot produces vapor instantly, it does not provide the most flavorful experience. With the Carb Cap you can introduce the heat in a much more gentle way - when the nail has cooled down to its basic color, drop your concentrate on it, place the Carb Cap on the nail and heat it. Fits almost every 14.5mm and 18.8mm domeless nail.


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Dexso D-Blaster Oil Extractor PRO (Large)

The Dexso D-Blaster is the low-budget variant of the Dexso extractor with an excellent quality-price ratio. The extractor is made from food-grade chrome steel for safe oil extraction. This easy and effective extractor is perfect for anyone who wants optimal results at low cost. The large variant is suitable for 80 grams of dried plant material.

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Parchment Papers (Rosin Tech)

Rosin Tech Pre-folded Parchment Paper is the ideal product for those looking to make their own rosin concentrates and those who want the proper tools to do it. These unbleached parchment papers are 13 x 20cm with a 1/3 fold over. They are also FDA approved for contact and use with human food.

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Rosin Tech Filter Bags

RTP Rosin Filter Bags are made using ultrasonic sealing technology. These seamless bags prevent any yield from being lost, and there’s no need to flip them during the rosin making process. These impressive filter bags offer a large output of pure rosin with every press.

17,00 12,75
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Qnubu Rosin Press Bag (11 x 5cm)

Made from durable and robust nylon, these Rosin Press Bags are ideal for extracting the oil from your favourite strains. They are easy to use and allow for straightforward pressing, without involving any harsh chemicals or solvents. You can rest assured you're only getting high-quality cannabis extracts with these bags—able to withstand the pressure and heat that the rosin method brings.

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Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter

Dr. Dabber, well-known for their wax pen vaporizers and their hugely successful Boost e-nail, are back with the Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter! The Budder Cutter is a heated multi-use dabbing device, ideal for cutting through even the stickiest, hard-to-manage oils and waxes. It also doubles as a heated loading tool for most vaporizer wax pens.

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Glass Banger with Carb Cap

The Glass Banger with Carb Cap features a borosilicate glass body that can handle high temperatures and a lid that locks vapor into the bowl.

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Quartz Glass Banger 90° Angle

The bong and dab rig accessories market is certainly a crowded one, with so many different options available. Finding a banger that is functional, reliable, and robust can be tricky—not the case with the 90° Angle Glass Banger. Perfect for enjoying your favourite oils, extracts, and concentrates, it's simple to attach and use.

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Quartz Glass Banger 45° Angle

The 45° Angle Glass Banger offers a functional alternative to standard dabbing bangers. The durable quartz piece will stand strong over time, and the unique angle makes for easy, clean dabbing.

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PieceMaker Kontainer

If you're on the lookout for a great way to store your concentrates in an airtight container that won't taint the taste or aroma, then the Kontainer is for you. This bright and robust jar is ideal for storing with ease and works just as fine on the go as it does at home. The Kontainer is made from a near-indestructible silicone!

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Jobon Lighter Torch Pistol

High-quality, customisable and comfortable; just a few words that describe the Light Torch Pistol by Jobon. This is a reliable and robust handheld torch that will provide an even, controlled and balanced flame to your bongs, pipes and joints. All you need to do is concentrate on enjoying your favourite flavours and aromas. This a safe and satisfying torch that is easy to use.


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Hyer Big-E Rig

The Hyer Big-E Rig is the next generation of bong smoking. This device offers storage, phone charging, accurate heat parameters, a cleaning mode, and more.


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Dabbing: Read All About It!

Dabbing: Read All About It!

What is Dabbing?

The use of cannabis concentrates is not really something new, but there is new hype forming around new types of concentrates—dabs. These substances appear in numerous forms and commonly go by names such as oil, wax, budder, BHO, or shatter. Interest in dabbing has grown significantly, especially in regions where cannabis is legal. Dispensaries now boast an equally impressive array of dabs as they do flowers.

2012 is often viewed as the year where concentrates really took off, and have since continued their ascent to dominance. Some say this is a quantum leap forward in stoner evolution, and that dabbing is a healthier alternative to smoking a bowl or blunt because you don't inhale the butane from the lighter or smoke from the leafy material—just the vapour from the concentrate.

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But with each passing month, the controversy around dabbing grows in kind. Some admonishers point out the potential dangers of the new concentrates, mentioning the hazards involved in both making and enjoying them. In terms of their production, some concentrates are created via highly flammable chemical solvents like butane. When it comes to the dabbing process itself, some believe that the intense-looking nature of the dab rig and blowtorch will put-off the mainstream from continuing to support cannabis.

Others warn about the oxides of the metal nails and skillets, but these are usually made of titanium, which can be found in many food and cosmetic products. And although it does oxidise, it is no real hazard because the water in the rig filters almost 100% of it.

So, what is the dabbing experience like? As soon as the concentrate hits the hot surface, it vaporises quickly and the vapour is inhaled. Depending on the concentrate, one long, hard hit can feel as if you’ve had an entire blunt in one puff, which means dabbing is not for newbies and should be approached with caution. A sativa-dominant extract will trigger an incredible head high that will prepare you to take on the day, whereas a dab of some strong indica can send you to bed in a matter of minutes.


History Of Dabbing

Hash is an archaic form of "concentrated cannabis" and is as old as the use of cannabis itself. But the THC level and strength are in no way comparable to the concentrates of today. Along with how it has assimilated itself in such a short time, it is a bit of a mystery where, when, and who invented the dab.

Alas, the first archived article about it was published by Cannabis Culture in 2005, and according to that, the first "dabs" were, in fact, being smoked as early on as the ‘60s.

By that time, modern methods to extract cannabinoids involved alcohol, chloroform, butane, and other solvents, and the outcome was traded as "honey oil", "red oil", "jelly-butane hash", or similarly named concoctions. The purity and cannabinoid levels were usually higher than those of hash, but the concentrates were often polluted by solvent residues. Not to mention, the process of producing extracts with chemical solvents was quite dangerous.

According to BudderKing, “budder" is the outcome of ten years of research, and its roots lie in the production of liquid cannabis oil or “honey oil”. He and his colleagues in Surrey, British Columbia took honey oil manufacturing to a new level when they created a product named "glass". BudderKing explained that "It was a refined oil that was manufactured in a multi-step process that involved alcohol... we then took it further and it hardened into something that had the look and feel of amber. We liked it because it was extremely strong and much easier to smoke than oil".

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Some prominent people in the medical marijuana industry state that the first time they ever heard of such high-octane concentrates was around the summer of 2010. They also suppose that concentrates first took form in the United States, either in Northern California or Colorado. From there, dabs began to spread like wildfire, picking up momentum particularly in the areas in and around Denver and Boulder, CO.

In 2012, the process of manufacturing concentrates became much more industrialised and prominent amongst growers, and at the High Times Cannabis Cup of the same year. There were actually more people smoking concentrates than marijuana at the event, and in excessive amounts. The debate on whether dabbing is healthier than traditional methods of cannabis intake continues to be tossed back and forth. Only time will reveal the intricacies of this issue. But one thing’s for sure; for the time being, concentrates are king.


How Are Dabs Made?

First off, let's get this straight: Strictly speaking, hash is a "dab"—but one with a much lower cannabinoid percentage than the next-gen dabs we mentioned above. One of the main differences between the substances lies in the manufacturing process.

Basically, the process of producing budder, shatter, BHO, and the like usually involves stuffing cannabis buds into a tube, then running a liquid chemical solvent through it. The solvent "washes" the cannabinoids out of the plant material and eventually drips out of the tube, where it forms a liquid stream in the colour of, well, urine. This liquid is collected in a glass dish (the best material to allow for easy cleansing) and gently warmed to remove the excess solvent. The result is a cannabinoid-rich dab. The quality of the dab depends on several circumstances, but the most important variables are the feedstock and the quality of solvent used.


We are talking about producing dabs; but before you even think about it, read about it, talk to people who have done it before (successfully!), and be cautious! The chemicals involved can have fatal effects! Butane is highly combustible, and careless use can cause an explosion, whereas CO₂ in high concentrations can cause death by suffocation. Bottom line: Get wise before you try it, and stick with smoking dabs instead of making your own if you have no 100% secure setup.