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Our autoflowering seeds are bred by the best, which means their quality and potency are getting close and often even surpass those of traditional cannabis strains. In addition to all Cannabis Cup winners, we bring you autoflowering seeds like feminized Royal Critical Auto and Northern Light, among others.

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AK-420 Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Set to become a prominent and popular pot strain, AK-420 Automatic from Zamnesia Seeds is not one to be overlooked. Packing a considerable amount of firepower, this feminized hybrid is capable of surprising even the most seasoned of smokers. A delicate mix of AK-420 and Ruderalis she gets to work quickly and abundantly - ready for harvest in just 9 weeks.


19,99 16,99
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Diesel Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Made from a blend of Diesel crossed with a high quality Ruderalis, this feminized high flyer will have you from the first whiff. Fans of the original Diesel will pleased to know that Diesel Automatic retains all the same flavour, aroma and potency. The only difference being, she is easier to manage and grows at a quicker rate than before - in fact she's ready to harvest in just 8 weeks!


17,49 14,87
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Monster Dwarf Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Monster Dwarf Automatic by Zamnesia may be small but you should definitely not judge her on size alone! This great autoflowering Skunk hybrid isn’t just perfect to grow in even the smallest spaces. Her good yields, nice skunky aroma and pleasant effect make Monster Dwarf Automatic by Zamnesia an easy autoflower that you will love!


17,49 14,87
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Royal Dwarf (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Royal Dwarf by Royal Queen Seeds is a hybrid combo of the Easy Bud with the Skunk. This feminized marijuana is created of Sativa 60%, Indica 10% and Ruderalis 30% genetics. This masterpiece in genetics is the mix of the best auto breeds mixed with an amazing skunk female.


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Northern Lights Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Bred from the loins of a classic, Northern Lights Automatic is like a pot present from the past, but with a futuristic upgrade. This feminized version sees Northern Lights crossed with ruderalis to create an extra-sweet strain that fans new and old are sure to adore. Growers can expect bountiful results in just 9 short weeks, from seed to harvest!


17,49 14,87
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Amnesia Haze Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Amnesia Haze Automatic takes the potent and highly sought after power of Amnesia Haze, and combines it with the autoflowering traits of ruderalis. It has resulted in a strain of cannabis seeds that goes from germination to harvest in as little as 10 weeks! It’s pretty impressive for a Haze strain, and sure to please Haze lovers.


19,99 16,99
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Amnesia Haze XL Autoflowering (Zambeza) feminized

At first sight the name Amnesia Haze XL Autoflowering could look intimidating, but don't worry, your memory will remain intact - well, at least to a certain extent. The plants grow up to a maximum height of around 100cm yet it is possible to yield up to 400g/m². Requires 10-12 weeks from germination to harvest. The high THC level and euphoric high will convince you in no time.


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Auto Anubis (Pyramid Seeds) feminized

All stoners should be happy that the feminized Auto Anubis by Pyramid Seeds is available today - initially they wanted to keep the original of this autoflowering variety for themselves. This awesome Indica dominant variety shares the genetics with Wembley and Chronic - one a true flavor gem and the other an extremely good yielder. Yummy grapefruit flavor and 500-550g of buds.


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Sweet Skunk Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Sweet Skunk Automatic (feminized) by Royal Queen Seeds is a stable three-way cross between Early Skunk x Critical x ruderalis. This indica-dominant power pack produces 400–450g/m² in a 9 weeks life cycle and its cannabinoid content draws your butt to the couch. Its nice and skunky flavour will dominate your smoking experience.


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Lemon Wonder Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Blessed with super quick growing genetics, Lemon Wonder Automatic from Zamnesia Seeds is a crop capable of raking in the cash! By successfully mixing Lowryder with a Lemon OG strain, the cultivators were able to create a product of immense speed, resilience and desirability - ready to harvest in just 8 weeks!


17,49 14,87
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Mikromachine Auto (Kannabia) feminized

Tired of autoflowers yielding less-than-satisfying returns? Enter Mikromachine Auto, Kannabia’s uber-productive cross of three of the cannabis world’s hardest-hitting titans. Intrigued? Give this machine a go in your grow room to experience a resilient autoflower that’s not like the other girls—not even close.


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Super Silver Haze Autoflowering (Zambeza) feminized

Super Silver Haze Autoflowering is the strain of choice for Haze lovers with a lack of patience. The taste of this variety is not what you might expect - even experienced smokers will think it is a pure haze. The plants reared from these seeds grow slightly taller than the usual autoflowering varieties and produce incredible yields of up to 170g/m².


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Berry Ryder (Auto Seeds) feminized

Berry Ryder is a successful attempt by Auto Seeds to create an autoflowering, feminized strain with Blueberry genetics. Strong ruderalis trait makes this strain a real dwarf among cannabis plants, maturing at just 30 to 60 cm, yet producing decent yields and bearing the beautiful looks of the original Blueberry.


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Diesel Berry (Auto Seeds) feminized

The feminized Diesel Berry by Auto Seeds is an autoflowering variety that combines the exotic, fruity flavors of the ever popular Berry Ryder with the pungent diesel fuel taste of the multi award winning classic New York City Diesel. The plants reach no more than 70-90cm indoors, respectively 120cm outdoors, ideal for guerilla growing. 65-75 days und 350 grams later you will be flying high.


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Hijack (Auto Seeds) feminized

Trying to improve something that is already perfect is not an easy task. The breeders at Auto Seeds took two famous strains with a number of dedicated users and tried to make an autoflowering, feminized strain with characteristics of both, but quicker. Tried, and succeed. Hijack!


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Auto 1 (Auto Seeds) feminized

Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis genetics all mixed up to produce a dwarf cannabis plant that is ready for harvest in just 2 months. Auto 1 is a perfect choice for those just beginning their adventure with cannabis cultivation, both hobbyists and commercial growers - and all that at bargain prices.


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Auto Pounder (Auto Seeds) feminized

By crossing their original dwarf plant, Auto #1, with two established, high yielding and potent strains - Big Bud and Power Plant - breeders from Auto Seeds managed to improve the harvest of their AutoFem strain. Get 450 g from square meter after just 70 to 80 days with Auto Pounder!


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Purple Stilton (Auto Seeds) feminized

Cheese fans rejoice! Purple Stilton by Auto Seeds is the strain recreational and medical cannabis users have been waiting for. Containing up to 18% THC and 2% CBD, this strain delivers a versatile effect that is at once soothing and inspiring. Cooler nighttime temps help bring out the purple nuances of this stinky strain.


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Trans Siberian (Auto Seeds) feminized

One of the strongest autoflowering strains ever developed. Mixing Auto #1 (Lowryder and Ruderalis) genes with the White Russian (AK-47 and White Widow), notorious for its unbelievably high THC content, exceeding 20%, had to produce a killer weed. With Auto Seeds feminized Trans Siberian you can have the same powerful marijuana faster.


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Ultra Lemon Haze (Auto Seeds) feminized

Ultra Lemon Haze is a relatively tall autoflowering Sativa dominant plant that produces the absolutely top quality marijuana, with distinctive energetic Haze characteristics and a stoney finish. High yielding and extremely potent, this is a real piece of art among the autoflowering cannabis strains.


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Auto Blue Diesel (Advanced Seeds) feminized

Auto Blue Diesel by Advanced Seeds is the result of crossing Auto Biodiesel Mass and Auto Blueberry, two highly regarded autoflowering strains. She develops rapidly, reaching harvest only 60 days after planting the seed.


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Auto Kaya 47 (Advanced Seeds) feminized

Auto Kaya 47 feminized by Advanced Seeds is a crossing with the genetics of Ruderalis, Indica and Sativa and a good resistance against mildew. It's an autoflowering medium size plant with lots of branches and is a good yielder.

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Auto Bio Diesel Mass (Advanced Seeds) feminized

Auto Bio Diesel Mass feminized by Advanced Seeds is the child of Auto Diesel and Auto Critical with genetics of Ruderalis, Sativa and Indica. Automatic flowering, good yield and suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.


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Auto Top 69 (Advanced Seeds) feminized

Auto Top 69 feminized by Advanced Seeds is a new generation plant catering to the demand for bigger autoflowering plants. Its name has been derived from its harvesting time - about 69 days after seeding.


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Information About Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Information About Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Much like feminized and regular seeds, autoflowering cannabis seeds are a hugely popular type you’ll often see when looking for seeds for your next home grow project. But what's the difference between autoflowering seeds and the other types available, and why should they be of interest to you? We've put together an overview of autoflowering cannabis and why you'll want to check it out.

What Are Autoflowering Seeds?

What Are Autoflowering Seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a specially bred type of cannabis seed created to flower automatically, as the name suggests. While regular, feminized, and auto plants all have a vegetative phase, the former two require a change in the light cycle to flower. Autoflowering plants forgo this, and will move automatically from their vegetative stage into the flowering phase after a period of time.

Available in a vast amount of different varieties, you're bound to find an autoflowering version of your favourite strain. Or, you can experiment and discover many new autos to try!

Because of their growing traits, there's little wonder that autoflowering marijuana seeds are a common choice not just for novice home growers, but the more experienced too.

Why choose autoflowering seeds?

The task of growing cannabis can, at first, seem like a daunting and tricky one, especially for the beginner. Autoflowers more or less eliminate a lot of the most intimidating factors. While they still need a level of care and maintenance, it is not as full-on as with other plants.

Able to be grown at any time of the year, autoflowers are designed with a hassle-free and user-friendly growing experience in mind. Auto cannabis seeds are also often favoured by seasoned growers as well, largely due to their due to their fast-growing capabilities.

Easy to cultivate, robust, and resilient, autoflowering cannabis seeds are suitable to be grown indoors or outdoors. Autoflowering plants can flourish in almost any climate or environment. While they are smaller in stature and tend to provide a smaller yield, many favour autos as they are discreet to grow.

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How Are Autoflowering Seeds Created?

How Are Autoflowering Seeds Created?

Autoflowering seeds are created by combining a sativa or indica strain with ruderalis genetics. Ruderalis is a subspecies of cannabis with origins in Russia and surrounding areas. Because of the lack of sunlight and short growing seasons of these places, ruderalis naturally adapted to feature a shorter growing cycle.

While ruderalis alone doesn't have much of a psychoactive effect when compared to other types of cannabis, it is these genetics that are key to the story of creating autoflowering seeds.

The discovery of the robust ruderalis paved the way for experimentation. While crossbreeding cannabis genetics has long been a tried and true process of creating new strains, the introduction of ruderalis allowed for the addition of ultra-fast-growing genetics. By taking these robust features and combining them with sativa or indica, breeders were able to create the autoflowering cannabis seeds we know today.

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What Is Cannabis Ruderalis?

This process is usually achieved by allowing a male ruderalis plant to develop pollen sacs. The plant is then kept separate from the females. Once the pollen sacs have opened, the pollen is collected. By adding the pollen from the male plant to the females, this will allow them to produce autoflowering seeds from the genetics of the male ruderalis.

It is as simple as that. While other types of cannabis seeds, such as feminized seeds, require stressing the plant or spraying a concoction of colloidal silver, creating auto seeds is really down to good timing and combining the right strains.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: Questions & Answers

🌱 What are autoflowering cannabis seeds?
Autoflowering cannabis seeds produce female plants which flower automatically after a certain amount of days. Generally those seeds are the easiest to grow.
🕘 How long does it take to grow autoflowering plants?
The average growing period of autoflowering plants is somewhere between 8-10 weeks. The end product fully depends on the strain and the growing circumstances.
✔️ What are the benefits of autoflowering cannabis seeds?
Autoflowering seeds flower after a certain amount of days and are not dependent on light cycles. This is a huge advantage and outdoors it can lead to multiple harvests in a season. In addition autoflower genetics are very sturdy and can handle harsher conditions in general.
💪 Is autoflowering cannabis less potent?
This is probably the most heard rumor about autoflowering cannabis. In the early days of autoflowering cannabis the potency was less than that of feminized cannabis though. After a lot of crossbreeding this is not the case anymore and autoflowering cannabis can reach high THC and CBD percentages.
💡 Can you grow autoflowering cannabis seeds indoors?
It's perfectly possible to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds indoors. 20 hours of lighting and 4 hours of darkness is considered to be the optimal light cycle for autoflowering cannabis. This light schedule is also referred to as 20/4.

Are All Autoflowering Seeds Feminized?

Are All Autoflowering Seeds Feminized?

While there is the option to create feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds, they are not feminized by default. By using the Rodelization or colloidal silver methods, one can produce feminized autoflowering seeds. However, you can always look to buy dedicated feminized seeds guaranteed to produce buds. They will not have autoflowering genetics, making them a much bigger investment in terms of how they're grown.

How Potent Are Autoflowering Seeds?

This is a common question among those looking to make their first venture into growing autoflowering seeds. Because of their speedy growth and low-maintenance nature, the quality and potency of autos have got to suffer, right? Wrong! With fine-tuned genetics and years of innovation in the breeding world, the autoflowering seeds of today contain the same, or nearly the same, levels of THC and CBD as their “normal” feminized counterparts. So you won't miss out on that great high if you grow cannabis with autoflowering genetics.

How to Grow Autoflowering Seeds

How To Grow Autoflowering Seeds

The biggest selling point of autoflowering seeds is their speed! Rarely taking longer than three months to move from seed to harvest, they are suitable to be grown in almost any environment and guaranteed to flower at any time of year, regardless of when you plant them.

While the plants are shorter in stature and produce a smaller yield, the once-humble autoflower has only grown in popularity and quality. As they cannot be kept in veg indefinitely, autoflowering strains cannot be cloned, whereas feminized strains can.

So, how do you grow autoflower seeds? We've put together an in-depth guide that will give you all information you need; so as soon as you receive that delivery of seeds, you'll be ready to cultivate. You'll be surprised by just how simple the process of growing auto seeds is!


How To Grow Cannabis Indoors

As autoflowering seeds will move from the vegetative stage to flowering without any significant changes in their environment, cultivating them inside is often the best option for many growers. Easy to grow and maintain, the plants do not grow very tall, usually only reaching heights between 60–100cm.

This makes them an attractive option for those with limited space looking for a discreet home grow project. You certainly do not need a grow tent with an expensive setup for auto seeds. Some pots and simple LED lighting will almost certainly do the trick.

  • Strain selection

The most important part of the process is picking your chosen strain. This is purely down to your tastes and preferences. There are many auto strains available on the market. Some are easier to maintain, some will have a higher yield and grow faster than others. But take your time and find one that you'll enjoy and is going to suit your needs.

  • Containers, soil, water

Now that you have your seeds, it's time to get growing! Because the life cycle of the autoflower is short, find her a suitable pot that will be her home for the duration of the grow. You won't need anything large as the plant will not grow tall. So just some small/medium-sized sturdy pots will provide her with all the space she needs.

With regular seeds or feminized seeds, you would be looking at replanting during the growing cycle. With autoflowering seeds, this is not necessary as she can grow from start to finish in one place.

Using a light soil will allow the plant to flourish. Using a soil that is too dense and compact will restrict the amount of air the roots have access to. This could spell disaster for your plant before she has even begun to grow! You can help her out by using a root stimulant; this will kick-start the growth of your plant.

At the beginning of her growing cycle, the seeds are delicate and overfeeding/overwatering can cause issues. Play it safe by using a small amount, and your plant will surely thank you.

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Tips For Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Indoors And Outdoors
  • Light

By now, your seeds should be safely nestled in your chosen pot. The next part is arguably the most critical aspect of growing your autoflowering plant: light. You can potentially look to grow your plant in a room that is well lit and warmed by natural sunlight. However, it's more than likely that your plant will need a bit more of a helping hand.

By setting your plant under an LED/UV light for the duration of its growing cycle, it will certainly do you a favour in the long-run. Some growers will opt for a complete 24 hours of light each day for the plant. This is purely down to preference, and budget. Many tend to go for a split of 18 hours of light and 6 of darkness. This will save you some money on your electricity bills!

With that, you're basically ready to go. Keep an eye on your plant while she is growing and only water when absolutely necessary. As a rule of thumb, routinely check the surrounding soil and feel if it's dried out. If dry, water. It's as easy as that. While autoflowering plants have a shorter flowering period than other types, remain patient throughout, enjoy the experience of cultivating her, and you'll be enjoying those buds in no time at all.


How To Grow Cannabis Outdoors

Although growing indoors is often seen as the more popular choice amongst auto growers, this doesn't mean that these plants can't be raised outside if you prefer. In many cases, plants grown outside have the potential to provide a tastier and better yield of plump and tight buds. Because of the plant's small size, she'll easily fit on a balcony if you live in an apartment, or be right at home in your garden without much space needed at all.

Because of the easygoing and fast-growing nature of autoflowering plants, there are many similarities between growing outdoors and indoors. By all means, though, this isn't a “one size fits all” task, and there are some differences to note for a successful grow.

  • Choosing a strain and location

Like growing inside, you'll need to consider your available space, how many plants you'd like to grow, and which containers are best suited for the job. You can also look to plant your seeds directly into a garden bed if you'd prefer.

As these plants are being grown outside, there's no need for additional lighting or anything extravagant. Just a great location where your plant will receive the most light and warmth, but will also be protected should the weather take a turn.

  • Planning an outdoor grow

Now that you've picked your chosen strain, and you've got all of your kit ready, it's time to grow your autoflower. Fortunately, even if you do not live in the warm climates of the Mediterranean, auto seeds can still perform well. It's just a case of planning out your grow.

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Grow Calendar For Northern And Southern Europe

Growing in the summer months will provide your plants with a little more light and heat than they would receive in winter. Getting your timing right is half the battle with autoflowering home grows. However, you can still look to flower in the colder times of the year—just ensure there is no frost and temperatures don’t hit freezing. The resilient ruderalis will put up with some cooler temperatures with no fuss.

  • Other considerations

Much like the indoor plants, some simple nutrients and being cautious with overwatering/overfeeding will help your plant perform better in its early stages. Unfortunately, as is the case with all plants grown outside, you may find yours has some unwelcome guests in the form of pests and insects.

Autoflowering strains usually have a high tolerance against any pests. This is due in part to a shorter growing cycle that doesn't give those pesky insects a chance to really get stuck into your plant and cause damage. If you do notice some pests on your plant, a simple insecticidal soap will soon see the problem solved.

It's worth noting that autoflowers tend not to respond well to high-stress training methods. These methods are usually more suited to regular and feminized types. As always, remain vigilant with your outdoor plants. Be patient, water when appropriate, and a little maintenance now and again will go very far.

How Long Do Autoflowers Take From Seed to Harvest?

How Long Do Autoflowers Take From Seed to Harvest?

This is a loaded question: how long your plant takes is down to a few factors. Each autoflowering strain has its own optimal flowering time. These can be found on the product information pages before you purchase, and will give you a clear indication of how long you can expect to wait for those tasty buds. So it's essential to pick an auto strain that suits your needs.

Second, while autoflower seeds are aimed at beginners, some care is required throughout the growing process. It's never a case of planting them and then leaving them to grow alone. A little TLC will help your plant immeasurably.

Where to Buy Autoflower Seeds?

Autoflower seeds have seen a massive surge in popularity over recent years, making them readily available in many an online seed bank. However, those looking for the most extensive selection of the highest-quality strains should head straight to the Zamnesia Seedshop. There you can search and compare cannabis seeds, as well as read first-hand reviews from those that have cultivated them.