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Zativo Seeds is the home brand of top cannabis seeds from Zativo. With Zativo Seeds you know that you will be getting first quality genetics at low prices. Zativo Seeds offer a whole range of popular cannabis strains, from high THC strains and medicinal CBD-rich strains to easy and convenient autoflowering varieties. All Zativo Seeds are feminized.

A careful selection process and only the best genetics ensure maximum germination rates and a bountiful harvest: With cannabis seeds by Zativo Seeds you can grow confidently and without worries!

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Afghan Kush (Zativo Seeds) feminized

It doesn’t get any more classic Indica than what you will be getting with the Afghan Kush by Zativo Seeds. This true oldschool strain with her super-relaxing indica body buzz and her intensive hash-like taste is taking cannabis back to its roots. She’s also very easy to grow and gives decent yields. Short: This is a superb strain that won’t just delight the oldschool cannabis lovers!


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Blue Haze (Zativo Seeds) feminized

Blue Haze by Zativo Seeds is truly very special. She’s one of these extraordinary strains that you’d possibly like to keep stashed away while you wait for this one special occasion where you can surprise everyone with a huge smile on your face! This classy sativa will please even the most spoiled connoisseurs with her succulent fruity taste and an outright spectacular high!


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Northern Lights (Zativo Seeds) feminized

Northern Lights is one of the most popular cannabis strains. This easy-going indica is now a staple among cannabis growers everywhere thanks to her outstanding qualities like her good potency, the excellent high and her outstanding flavour. A strain that is just perfect all-around for recreational and medicinal users alike!


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Sweet Candy (Zativo Seeds) feminized

Sweet Candy by Zativo Seeds is a lot more than just a solid indica-dominant hybrid. Three excellent strains (BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino) gave their superb genetics for the creation of this strain, giving us a fast-flowering beauty with good yields, superb potency and an awesome taste that connoisseurs will love.


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Critical (Zativo Seeds) feminized

One of the most popular strains of all times, the famed Critical combines the best qualities of an Afghan Kush with those of a Skunk. Her fast flowering time of only 7 weeks and her excellent yields make Critical the staple strain for all those who want to grow top bud in record time. And the best thing: She is very easy to grow so that even novice growers can see good results!

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White Widow (Zativo Seeds) feminized

White Widow, the legendary Dutch classic, the “mother of White strains” as she is sometimes called is one of the most-famous cannabis strains. Although the iconic hybrid had been introduced to the scene more than two decades ago, she is still a top favourite in the coffee shops in Amsterdam. Cannabis enthusiasts love her for her powerful yet nicely balanced high and her great taste.

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Chocolate Haze (Zativo Seeds) feminized

Chocolate Haze by Zativo Seeds is a very special Haze that combines a great taste and a powerful high with fast flowering times, good yields and easy management. This makes Chocolate Haze stand out among other Hazes and the strain even suitable for new growers! You can now grow top sweet and easy Haze bud in record time!


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Original Skunk (Zativo Seeds) feminized

The Original Skunk is an absolute classic and one of the most iconic cannabis strains that grows on this Earth. The weed lovers’ “Bread and Butter Strain” whose genetics can be found in most modern hybrids shines with many outstanding qualities. Easy and uncomplicated, with a legendary dank, pungent and fruity aroma and a spectacular high, this is unaltered cannabis history that you can...


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Sweet Bubble (Zativo Seeds) feminized

The Sweet Bubble by Zativo Seeds is a wonderful sativa-dominant hybrid that stands out with her great taste, her good potency, superb resin production and then some quite decent yields. She flowers very fast and stays at a convenient height which makes her a good choice for those who love to grow a top sativa indoors but with very little maintenance required.


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