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The CannaBioGen cannabis seed range is the result of more than two decades of collecting seeds from all around the globe. The group managed to gather a magnificent assortment of native landraces from Jamaica, Colombia, Pakistan, India, and Thailand, and then took them to the lab to pair them off with the best Dutch genetics.

CannaBioGen is a pioneering company; they are the first one in the business to print an expiration date on their seed packs, so you can rest assured their seeds are always in the best possible condition. Rearing plants from CannaBioGen cannabis seeds means growing with confidence.

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Caribe (Cannabiogen) feminized

One for all the professional breeders out there, Caribe Feminized from Cannabiogen pools together genetic talent from all around the world. Carrying all the traits of a true classic in the making, she performs brilliantly, producing exceptional yields of an incredibly potent nature. Highly resistant to diseases and mold, Caribe demonstrates a sturdy character without losing any of her...

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Deluxe Mix (Cannabiogen) feminized

Comprised of 3 top quality feminised seeds of 3 dazzling varieties, Deluxe Mix from Cannabiogen is the pick "n" mix of pot - cannabis connoisseurs have been waiting for. Making up this precious pack we have a Haze/ Jamaican hybrid crossed with Peyote Purple, Malawi crossed with a Panama/Deep Chunk hybrid and finally Sandstorm crossed with Peyote Purple.


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Destroyer (Cannabiogen) feminized

A Heavy hitter of a Sativa strain, Destroyer from the expert cultivators Cannabiogen brings a psychoactive downpour to those who dare to try her. Beautiful to look at and even more so to smoke, she is a classical blend of Meao Thai crossed with a stable Mexican/Colombian hybrid. A rather lumbered strain with a 12-14 week flowering period.


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Pakistan Chitral Kush (Cannabiogen) feminized

A colorful bouquet of indulgent flavors, aromas and effects, Pakistan Chitral Kush from Cannabiogen is a pure Indica of pure delight. A strain steeped in history, she captivates all that sample her relaxing hashish. A well known and well loved specimen she often used by other breeders for her ravishing colors and medicinal growers for healing effects.


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Panama (Cannabiogen) feminized

One of Cannabiogen killer hybrid creations Panama is a real treat for those with a fondness for Sativa strong highs. Beautiful to look at and smooth to smoke, she is very much a productive member of the team, who's growing popularity doesn't seem to be slowing down. Although lumbered with a flowering time of 11-12 weeks, Panama still has Sativa lovers queuing around the buddy block.

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