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Founded by the breeder of the famed Bruce Banner strain, Dark Horse Genetics has established a reputation as a stellar seedbank that provides cannabis strains of unmatched quality. More than 15 years of experience, access to the world’s best clones, and an exclusive private phenotype collection are the reasons that Dark Horse has already won multiple Cannabis Cups. Dark Horse Genetics is now proudly offering their exclusive private selection to all cannabis enthusiasts who desire the most world-class genetics.

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Gamma Berry (Dark Horse Genetics) Regular

Made with the #5 phenotype of the super-potent Bruce Banner strain, a strain which is already very flavourful on her own, Dark Horse Genetics’ crossed her with a Strawberry Diesel and out comes a phenomenally tasting strawberry strain that is also extremely potent. Gamma Berry is a truly spectacular Diesel that won’t disappoint.


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Lemon Jedi (Dark Horse Genetics) regular

The sativa-dominant hybrid Lemon Jedi has an extremely high resin production that makes the plant almost look white at the end of flowering. Within these precious resin glands lie the secrets of the force. Smoke a joint packed with Lemon Jedi flowers and maybe these secrets will reveal themselves!

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Stockton Slap (Dark Horse Genetics) regular

Stockton Slap by Dark Horse Genetics is a massively potent hybrid with a complex flavour profile that will delight cannabis connoisseurs. This fast and extremely resinous strain is just perfect for making top-notch concentrates!

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King's Banner (Dark Horse Genetics) Regular

King’s Banner by Dark Horse Genetics is an incredibly powerful Indica that at times can measure as high as 30% of THC. The cross between some of the best Kushes and Dark Horse’s legendary super-powerful Bruce Banner ensures an awesome smoke experience and very high medicinal potential.

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Original Bruce Banner (Dark Horse Genetics) Regular

Named after Bruce Banner, the alter-ego of comic book superhero The Hulk, Bruce Banner by Dark Horse Genetics is an incredibly powerful strain. Some of her phenos have measured an unbelievably high amount of 30% of THC! Original Bruce Banner is the original cross which was used to create the legendary Bruce Banner, with the same female and the same male.

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Galactus (Dark Horse Genetics) Regular

Galactus by Dark Horse Genetics is a heavy-hitting hybrid that is surprisingly easy to grow, even for beginners. The strain will display various phenotypes, each with slightly different traits. This THC powerhouse will reward growers with above-average yields of strong buds with a complex aroma profile. So, are you ready to conquer the galaxy?

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