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Salvia Dried Leaves

Salvia divinorum contains salvinorin A; one of the strongest psychedelics known to mankind today and should not be confused with a party drug. Under its influence you will perceive a completely different "reality" than the one you normally would. Salvia should be used in a comfortable and safe environment and only in company of a sober tripsitter.


4,95 4,21
In stock

Zamnesia Silicone Oil Jar

The Zamnesia Silicone Oil Jar is designed to house all your BHO, wax, hash, and any concentrate you may have, with complete safety and hygiene in mind. Made from non-stick silicone, this concentrate container will ensure you have easy access to your stash both at home and on the go, without it sticking or making a mess. A must have tool for any cannabis concentrate lover.


2,95 2,51
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Vape Juice (Cali Terpenes) 10ml

Cali Terpenes has done the impossible, replicating the terpene profiles of your favourite strains. Enjoy rich clouds of flavourful vapor, without getting high or inhaling nicotine.

7,50 6,37
In stock

Green Poison Auto (Sweet Seeds) feminized

Regardless of its name, Green Poison Auto by Sweet Seeds is a fabulous treat that will make your bum hum. This autoflowering feminized strain is a result of multiple crossing between Big Devil #2 and the great Green Poison which is well-recognized due to its wonderful sweet and fruity flavor.


22,50 20,25
In stock

Salvia Extract 5x

This 5x Salvia extract is a good strength to try as a first experience. Even though it’s the lowest strength extract we stock, the effects can still be a force to be reckoned with.


11,95 10,16
In stock

CBD 100mg Vape Juice (Cali Terpenes) 10ml

Enjoy a wide range of popular cannabis aromas (terpenes) with CBD Vape Juice by Cali Terpenes! These e-liquids are specially designed to be vaporized in most electronic cigarettes and pods, so users can enjoy the flavours of the best cannabis strains without the disadvantages of smoking. 100% free of THC, toxins, nicotine, and GMOs.

14,50 12,32
In stock

Torch Hyper Lighter

Wether you work in a garage or laboratory or you enjoy having a dab, sooner or later you'll need a lighter or blowtorch. And that's when the Torch Hyper Lighter comes handy. It provides a high power blue jet flame that can be controlled by adjusting the air and gas supply. One filling is enough for 220 minutes of constant operation. Comes with a rack.


6,95 5,91
In stock

Pure Base Vape Juice (Harmony) 10ml

Looking to add just that little extra something to your e-liquids? Well, with CBD Pure Base Vape Juice by Harmony, you can do just that! This 10ml pocket-sized powerhouse is available in a wide variety of CBD strengths. Simply mix it in with your e-liquids to give them that added CBD boost. Give your favourite flavours a new lease on life and get more out of your vaping with CBD Pure Base.


12,95 11,01
In stock

Harmony CBD Pen

A simple to use, legal, all-natural hemp vaporizer. Developed to produce a pure and CBD-rich experience, every part of the design has been thoroughly thought out – from the rechargeable vaporizer to CBD e-liquid. The Harmony CBD Pen contains everything you need to begin enjoying the finer aspects of hemp.


9,99 8,49
In stock

Harmony CBD Cartridge

The Harmony CBD Cartridge is a refill cartridge designed to be used in conjunction with the Harmony vaporizer. It is an organically produced hemp e-liquid rich in the compounds of hemp – including CBD (10%). Each cartridge can produce an average of 500 vapour hits. Available in OG Kush or mint flavour.


14,99 12,74
In stock

Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Golden Teacher'

Golden Teacher is a big, beautiful, and compact cubensis that impresses with excellent yields. But that’s not all it has to offer; thanks to its mysterious origins, Golden Teacher has a unique appearance with golden caps and thick, ivory-coloured stems.


44,50 37,82
In stock

Salvia Extract 10x

Good for experienced trippers, the 10x extract will take you to the foothills of the mountain range that is the Salvia effect.


17,95 15,26
In stock

Sweet Pure Auto CBD (Sweet Seeds) feminized

The fruity Sweet Pure Auto CBD is Sweet Seeds’ first pure CBD strain, offering very high levels of CBD with almost no THC. Great for medicinal users, this strain is also a good choice for anyone who enjoys the non-psychoactive benefits of cannabis. This easy and fast autoflowering strain scores with a rapid growth cycle and good yields.


24,00 21,60
In stock

OG Kush Vape Juice (Harmony) 10ml

From the team at Harmony comes OG Kush CBD E-Liquid. Available in a variety of CBD concentrations, this 10ml bottle provides you with not only the finest aromas, but also an authentic flavour resulting from supercritical CO₂ extraction. This method brings out the best terpenes and the highest-quality CBD, so you know you're getting the best around. Pick your CBD level and enjoy.


12,95 11,01
In stock

Salvia Extract 15x

With Salvia strengths ranging from straight herb to 80x extracts, this 15x is a good mid-range product for experienced trippers.


22,95 19,51
In stock

Sweet Cheese XL Auto (Sweet Seeds) feminized

Sweet Cheese XL Auto erases the need to sacrifice size and yield for fast grow times. She ticks all of these boxes, and then some.


19,90 17,91
In stock

Super Lemon Haze Vape Juice (Harmony) 10ml

Super Lemon Haze Vape Juice by Harmony first and foremost offers a strong zesty aroma that is matched only by its tangy taste. Not only does this e-liquid provide an excellent flavour profile, but it's also available in a wide range of CBD concentrations as well! This 10ml bottle will give your CBD vapor a fresh burst of flavour that will keep you coming back for more.


12,95 11,01
In stock

Salvia Extract 20x

Half way between the pure herb and ‘ultimate strength’ 40x extract, this 20x Salvia extract will certainly blow away the cobwebs of your mind.


24,95 21,21
In stock

Do-Sweet-Dos (Sweet Seeds) feminized

As a particularly relaxing and delicious hybrid from the popular Cookies family, Do-Si-Dos is already a favourite in cannabis dispensaries all across California. Now, Sweet Seeds has created their own, refined version, Do-Sweet-Dos, which harnesses all the potency and aromatic delights of the original—and then some.


26,50 23,85
In stock

Baked Custard Vape Juice (Harmony) 10ml

From the team at Harmony comes Baked Custard Vape Juice. This seriously sweet vape juice takes the finest vanilla flavour and couples it with notes of hazelnut. Not only that, but you also receive a high-quality dose of CBD as well. Available in a variety of different CBD concentrations, you can enjoy a great-tasting e-liquid that also satisfies your love of CBD.


12,95 11,01
In stock

Salvia Extract 30x

Not recommended for the novice Salvia user, this 30x strength extract is guaranteed to catapult you into psi-berspace.


23,95 20,36
In stock

Valerian (80 grams)

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is an old Germanic ritual herb, sacred to the goddess Hertha. The herb used to be hung outside houses as a protection against witches and evil. It has also been used as an aphrodisiac, and its effects are well known. Mixed 50-50 with kava-kava it is said to produce ‘beautiful dreams’.


8,50 7,22
In stock

Zamnesia Grow Kit 'McKennaii'

McKennaii is a very welcome addition to the ever growing collection of magic mushroom growkits offered on Zamnesia. What they lack in size the McKennaii compensates with in sheer numbers and strength. This will be a certain favourite with discerning mycelium fans.


44,50 37,82
In stock

Mohan Ram Auto (Sweet Seeds) feminized

Mohan Ram Auto is a cross between two bestselling autoflowering strains from Sweet Seeds - the automatic White Widow and the SAD (Sweet Afghani Delicious) Auto. Source of really powerful ganja with THC content of up to 20% and high yields. Just the right strain for an inpatient, Indica loving stoner.


19,90 17,91
In stock

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