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Valhalla Magic Truffles will catapult you into the psychedelic realm within one hour of ingestion. As the strongest variety in our collection, these hallucinogenic nuggets will dazzle you with intense visuals and profound moments of wisdom and creativity. Find a peaceful place at home or in nature and surround yourself with good people before diving deep.

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Weight:15 grams € 21.99
  • Weight: 15 grams € 21.99
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All our truffles are fresh and vacuum packed
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Valhalla Magic Truffles: Buckle Up for the Ride

Unlike magic mushrooms, magic truffles remain underground throughout their entire life cycle, forming dense mycelial masses known as sclerotia. Although they look different than typical fungi, these subterranean life forms possess the same active chemical as magic mushrooms: psilocybin.

Our Magic Truffles Valhalla provide a unique psychedelic experience that differs slightly from that of other truffles. Some sclerotia place users on the edge of the psychedelic experience, whereas others plunge the mind deep into the unknown. Psilocybe Valhalla certainly falls into the latter category!

Magic Truffles Psilocybe Valhalla hold the title as one of our strongest varieties of truffles. In fact, these powerful visionary nuggets earned a score of 6 on our 5-star rating system! The exact origin of Psilocybe Valhalla remains to be determined, although several theories exist. Some mycologists believe the variety stems from a crossbreeding project in Holland, whereas others believe it to originate scarcely in nature.

Regardless of her murky origins, we do know one thing: she takes users on an intense ride. We named this variety after the Nordic “Hall of the Slain”, as each experience kicks down the doors of perception and appears to take the mind to another dimension.

Effects of Valhalla Magic Truffles

Magic Truffles Valhalla provide a potent and well-rounded experience. After consuming Psilocybe Valhalla, you’ll start to feel the effects within 30–60 minutes. Over the course of the next six hours, you’ll experience intense visuals. These optical effects are confusing and random for some users, and extremely geometric and meaningful to others.

Visuals aside, Psilocybe Valhalla also induces a profound philosophical state. You’ll experience a flood of deep insights into yourself and reality. Among these deep musings, you’ll likely stumble across intense creative inspiration.

We recommend this variety for psilocybin users with some experience. The sheer intensity of the trip requires some previous exposure to the psychedelic realm to avoid becoming overwhelmed and panicked.

How to Use Valhalla Magic Truffles

Set and setting are the most important aspects of the psychedelic experience. Although some users have no issues randomly chewing on truffles or magic mushrooms at parties and festivals, we recommend finding a quiet spot at home or in nature to truly absorb the experience. Having a trusted trip sitter nearby will also make you feel much more comfortable and prepared.

Consuming Psilocybe Valhalla on an empty stomach will produce the most effective results. However, this can sometimes leave a heavy feeling in the stomach. Some users prefer to brew a tea by steeping shredded truffles over low heat for around 20 minutes. Others prefer to place the truffles on bread or crackers to help them go down.

When it comes to dosing guidelines, this will vary from person to person. Generally speaking, 3–5 grams produces the equivalent of a strong dose for an average truffle variety. In contrast, 5–10 grams will provide an incredibly intense experience that will launch you into hyperspace. However, variables such as body weight will alter how much you should dose as well. Use our dose calculator to help you find the correct amount.

Use Our Magic Mushrooms Dosage Calculator


After taking Psilocybe Valhalla, you’ll need to wait several days before taking them again, as the body rapidly builds a tolerance to psilocybin. However, most users wait several weeks or months before delving into this intense experience once more.

After receiving your Magic Truffles Psilocybe Valhalla in the mail, you can store them in their original unopened packaging for up to 2 months in the fridge. Once opened, you should consume them within 2 days.

Remember, magic truffles are not party drugs. They are powerful substances which certain ancient cultures treasured for their ability to open the human mind and expand our consciousness. Magic truffles are not suitable for minors under the age of 18. Do not mix these truffles with any other substances or recreational drugs, such as alcohol. Never drive while tripping, and always keep a trip sitter with you when experimenting with truffles.

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Reviews (1040)

    C’était chaud!!
    Première prise de truffes avec 4 très bons potes. Nous avons tous pris 15grammes à jeun, 45min plus tard les effets arrivent. Première phase d’environ 1heure avec hallu visuelles fortes (les formes se mettent à bouger, les couleurs sont plus intenses..). Puis s’entame une phase qui a duré plus d’une heure avec des discussions deep et pleins de fou rires. On a ensuite tapé pour certain une bonne phase de parano pendant 30min. Enfin la descente était cool pendant 1 à 2heures. La musique est vraiment très importante et il faut aussi un cadre serein. Expérience intense et assez épuisante mentalement mais carrément à refaire


    Great, but depends on who you ask
    I took with 2 more friends 10g each, I weight around 75kg and my friends 69 and 64 each, you'll think that because of that I would get fewer effects, but as a matter of fact I was the most stoned, the one that weights 64 also seemed to be kinda high (he said he thougth he was a rock, but it's not like I can get into his head and see what he experienced) but the other one dind't experience any effect until maybe 3 hours later and the effect was quite small. We took them at night on a sort of forest that's close to our houses, and man, it was amazing. Half an hour from eating them on an empty stomach everything became brighter and was really beautiful and at the hour or so I took a spiritual trip through the forest, the trees and plants seemed to be alive and talking to me, everything was beautiful and incredible, it's something you've gotta experience to understand. But I'm kind of a dork so I forced myself a bad trip by going alone into the forest without any light (because I wanted to see more agressive visuals) and omg it was unbeliavable, all of the sudden the threes became aliens trying to reach out to me, i saw a thousand eyes watching me from everywhere and when I came out of the woods I saw dozens of heads on the threes tops, but even with that the most unsettling thing I saw was when I looked down and realized the floor was full, in fact made, of insects, insects in movemente till my eyes could reach, like something pulled out of a Lovecraft book. Gradually the effects lowered, but as i got home 8 hours later from the intake i was still seeing geometrical figures everywhere.


    J'ai passé une soirée de malade !! meilleure nuit de ma vie, je recommande sans réserve !


    Vraiment cool
    Truffes très puissantes, pour ma part on a prit ça à 12 dans une maison avec 15g chacun.. je peux vous dire que c'était épique


    visueel niet zo sterk
    Minder sterk dan verwacht, maar toch een leuke reis.


    Ca le fait
    Grosses bouffées de chaleurs très agréable, une défonce efficace mais pas d'effets visuels, un peu dommage...


    Komt lekker op , in het begin wel wat last van lichte misselijkheid, maar dit ging gelukkig heel snel over en de rest van de trip was echt zalig! Niet heel sterk visueel, maar toch leuke effecten. Geweldige lachkicks gehad en vreemde inzichten. Zeker de moeite!


    Hardest trip on magic truffels
    I took the truffels with some friends and had a hell of a ride, as we took the whole container (15g) The trip lasted around 5 hours and I could 'see' different perspectives of the walls.. It's hard to explain. Everything around me was warm and cozy and it especially works great with lights. The visuals were very intens and everything around me looked like it was breathing, making it look very soft (I was hugging the walls later on). Because I was sitting for the first 2 hours of the trip, I was convinced that I was part of the couch I was sitting on. I had to take a leak, but it didn't feel like I could because, well, I was a couch! Eventually my friends tore me away from the couch and I could take a leak. It was a very funny and great experience that I will remember for a long time. Everyone in the group was feeling nauseous while it was starting to work, though. Half of them had to puke, so realize that this is may happen to you, too. Luckily, I could distance myself from my friends having to puke, but some didn't react well to the thought of someone puking, making them puke. It is probably best for a tripsitter to be there and to agree upon the rule to never speak of puke in the group, only to the tripsitter. I think the trip would've worked perfectly if we had arranged this beforehand. Even so, my friends that had to puke still said they were in a good trip and didn't experience any anxiety or discomfort, next to the nauseous part that is. A tripsitter is also a very good idea when someone doesn't want to be in the vibe that the other people are in at that moment. He or she can take the influenced one or two to another room and vibe with them there in their own bubble. This freedom is important as to not wake any bad trips. Conclusion: a very cool experience that i would recommend to everyone! Plan it carefully though and make sure you have some pretty lights in the space.


    Christmas present
    I gave this to my sister for christmas and we had a blast together. We both did 7,5 grams and we laughed the whole night with 70's visuals. The trip was on the strong side for us first timers but we liked it a lot. Our mom was trippsitting hahah. 5 stars, will buy these again!


    Magic truffles VALHALLA
    J'ai eu quelques faibles effets par moment mais ce n'était pas une expérience transcendante... Mis à part ça, réception rapide de la commande :)

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Magic Truffles Valhalla
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