Super Sativa Seed Club

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The origins of Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC) stem from distinguished breeder Karel Schelfhout. His cultivation expertise, alongside the original Haze, Skunk #1, and Afghan seeds, would form the basis of a highly revered, international seedbank.

Although SSSC has been out of the limelight for many years, they are back with a mission “to spread cannabis seeds around the world and empower cannabis consumers”. In addition to their collection of highly regarded seeds, SSSC focusses on sharing growing knowledge and expertise with their community. They are also the proud owners of a High Times Hall of Fame Award.

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Prima Holandica (Super Sativa Seed Club) regular

Now might be the time to consider growing outdoors, not because Prima Holandica can achieve better yields, but because her height is so immense, many growers will struggle to contain this super sativa. If you posses the skill and determination to wrangle a towering beauty, you can expect a high that will have you riding waves of euphoria long into the night.


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Creeper (Super Sativa Seed Club) regular

Creeper ticks all of the boxes of a classic sativa variety. Spice up your garden with this citrusy and cerebral cultivar.

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Kees’ Old School Haze (Super Sativa Seed Club) regular

100% pure sativa, Kees’ Old School Haze is a throwback to the original Haze varieties that dominated markets in the late 1980s. Capturing the essence of what made Haze strains so desirable was no easy task, but with expert breeding prowess, SSSC has managed to deliver. Inconceivable yields await those who can tame its old-school growing nuances.

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Frosty Friday (Super Sativa Seed Club) regular

Cannabis connoisseurs are in for a real treat with Frosty Friday. This fast-growing powerhouse is literally dripping with resin in its final weeks of flowering. Remember that good things come to those who wait, and nothing tastes better than premium-grade hash made from dense buds. Frosty Friday represents the pinnacle of trichome production in a predominately sativa hybrid.

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Karel's Haze (Super Sativa Seed Club) regular

The cultivation wizard Karel Schelfhout is back. With him, he brings Karel’s Haze, one of a hand-selected series of strains by Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC). Marvel at a plant that is easy to grow and has a flavour packed full of rich, aromatic terpenes. With a high just as rewarding as its delicious flavour, what more could you ask for from a world-class regular hybrid?

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Lava Freeze (Super Sativa Seed Club) feminized

The ultra-potent Lava Freeze by Super Sativa Seed Club may not be for the faint of heart. More experienced smokers, however, will love this hard-hitting indica. Get ready for an awesome high and a spectacular fuel-like taste!

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