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Rich in Omega 3 fats, a deliciously nutty flavour, and the fruit of our favourite plant – what’s not to love about cannabis seeds? Added to chocolate they make the perfect tasty but healthy snack. Or just enjoy our selection of weed-flavoured candy.

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Hemp Crunch Chocolate

Coffee-flavoured whole milk chocolate contains roasted hemp seeds (6%) and cornflakes (6%) for the ultimate in tasty, healthy crunchiness.


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Organic Dark Chocolate With Hempnuts

Bars of full 35% cacao dark chocolate from Germany’s Hanf Farm use organic ingredients and contain 12% shelled hemp seeds for extra crunchy goodness. Surely the perfect munchie material!


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Hemp Tea Natural

"Má" is the Chinese syllable for hemp and it has been used as a food source in Asia for millenia while tea has a history that reaches back to at least 1500BC. With this tea you can have both in one; it contains 100% organic hemp leaves from controlled ecological cultivation. Content: 40 grams. Contains no THC.


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Hemp Tea Lemon

Both hemp and tea have a long history of human use and with this blend of organic hemp leaves (at least 50% of the content), blackberry leaves and lemon grass from controlled ecological cultivation you can enjoy both Asian delicacies, but in a new way and totally different flavor. Content: 40 grams. Contains no THC.


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Cannabis Dextrose Sweets

It is very likely you know that feeling ... you have shaky fingers and get weak in the knees - sugar deficiency! What comes next is a circulatory collapse, so it is time to act fast! Pop in some of these dextrose sweets to recover energy and you will feel the symptoms quickly wane. Available flavors: Mint and lime. Content per roll: 13 pcs


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Silly Silicone Cake Mold Weed Leaf

Add distinctive marijuana styling to your next baking session with this Silly silicone cannabis leaf cake mold.

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Hash Pops (10 Pieces)

A true Amsterdam Original: The Hash Pops Lollies by Haze! Made from real hemp extract for a genuine cannabis flavour, every stoner loves these cannabis lollies. They make a great gift as well! THC-free with no narcotic effects. Made in EU. Contains 10 cannabis-flavoured lollypops.


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Cannabis Chocolate

The delicious dark or milk cannabis-flavoured chocolate bars are perfect for when you get the munchies and make a great gift. Contains hemp seeds as a tasty and spicy surprise. The cannabis chocolate doesn’t contain THC and does not have any narcotic effects. Made in the EU.


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Cbd Gummies (Supmedi)

Modulate your endocannabinoid system with sweets. CBD Gummies by SupMedi contain 4mg of CBD per gummy, enabling users to dose with the utmost accuracy. Plus, they're delicious!


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Organic Milk Chocolate With Hempnuts

These bars of full milk chocolate from Germany’s Hanf Farm use organic ingredients and contain 12% shelled hemp nuts (or technically, seeds) for extra crunchy goodness.


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Hemp Lollies (10 Pieces)

Green fruit lollies with real hemp essence. ‘Who loves ya baby?’ Kojak reference, anyone? OK, I’m showing my age… Sold per 10 pieces.


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Rasta Lollies (10 Pieces)

Fruit lollies in red, gold and green, with real hemp essence. Shoulda called them Bob Lar-lys. Sold per 10 pieces.


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Endoca Cbd Chewing Gum (10 Pcs)

Getting your dose of CBD has never been more discreet than now - with Endoca CBD Chewing Gums! These chewing gums are made from completely natural ingredients and each is loaded with 15mg CBD. The used CBD is obtained from certified organic hemp grown in the EU. Flavour: Peppermint. Content: 10 pcs.


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