Damiana | Turnera afrodisiaca


Damiana (Turnera afrodisiaca) has a relaxing effect with a euphoric high for 1-2 hours after taking, and like its Latin name suggests, is a mild but effective aphrodisiac. Damiana may be smoked or made into a tea, and the shredded version is even suitable for use in a vaporizer.

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Damiana: a mild but effective aphrodisiac

A small plant that grows in the southern USA and most of South America, damiana is believed to have been a tonic and aphrodisiac used by the Maya peoples for centuries. It is still used as an ingredient in Voodoo love rituals. Prior to prohibition, the inventor of Coca-Cola developed a wine containing coca, cola, sweet wine, and damiana.


Brew three tablespoons of damiana powder in half a litre (a pint) of water to make a simple but effective infusion. Dried leaves can also be used in an alcohol extract or smoked in a joint; damiana is a popular tobacco substitute in smoking mixes, in which it augments the potency of other ingredients.


The active ingredient in damiana is its volatile oil, which contains tannins, resins, and terpenes. Scientists have yet to isolate any specific components that could confer a hallucinatory effect or high.


Damiana has no known toxicity or addiction issues; powders, tinctures, and extracts are freely available via health food and sex shops in Europe and the USA.

Weight 80 grams

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Reviews (164)

    Excellent substitut au tabac, bon gout, effets légers. Quelques branches à retirer mais on prend l'habitude. Bref très bon produit.


    Sans plus
    Sans plus


    Sehr nice
    Schmeckt und riecht fantastisch! Gehört jetzt zu meinen Lieblingstees. Es chillt auch leicht und macht auch ein wenig horny. Schon nice das Zeug. Werde es mir öfter kaufen.


    Better than viagra. Very good taste and smell. If you mix it with weed or hash you'll get a nice positive effect, but it will cover any other taste. Anyway, recommended!


    Recipe ingredient
    Smell and taste good ! You'll not get as high as weed, but mixed with Wild Lettuce and Blue Lotus, it's very sweet and soothing ! One advice : replace tobacco with mullein (herbalist shop) for combustion. You'll save lot of money, and avoid nicotine and tar.


    Sehr gut
    Der Hammer! Zum Mischen sehr gut geeignet, da es einen sehr angenehmen Geschmack hat. 80 Gramm ist ziemlich viel, wenn man es raucht, das heißt es hält ewig.


    Pas mal, mais...
    Très bon substitut au tabac (avec tout de même un fort arrière goût d'eucalyptus). L'effet aphrodisiaque tient un peu de la légende mais le produit s'adapte remarquablement bien à n'importe quel mix, peut être également consommé pur, et même être vaporisé. Bref tout serait parfait s'il ne fallait trier les innombrables branches pour pouvoir en faire usage...


    Super als Tee, welcher auch noch sehr gut schmeckt.


    What a ride
    Good smoke, like to use it when I am out of cigarretes to mix. Not sure if its placebo or not, but can for sure feel the aphrodisiac effects


    i really like it, nice subtle relaxing effects

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Damiana | Turnera afrodisiaca
Damiana | Turnera afrodisiaca
Damiana | Turnera afrodisiaca
Damiana | Turnera afrodisiaca