Yerba Maté (80 grams)


Yerba maté is a traditional South American brew that acts to stimulate the mind and body. Often compared to tea or coffee, it is a beverage that can give you an upbeat start to the day, or give you energy when you are flagging. However, unlike tea or coffee, yerba maté also comes packed full of vitamins and mood boosting properties.

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Yerba Maté: Energizing, uplifting and full of goodness

Yerba maté, a hot beverage brewed from the leaves and stemlets of the Ilex paraguarensis tree, is packed full of energizing goodness. Described as having the strength of coffee, health benefits of tea, and mood stimulation of chocolate, this traditional brew quickly is making a name for itself in mainstream society.

Customarily used by the Guarani tribes of South America, yerba maté has been a way of promoting general health and wellbeing. Its combination of minerals, vitamins and compounds cause it to act as a natural stimulant, relieving both mental and physical tiredness. Here in Europe, yerba maté has almost become synonymous with tea or coffee, being a regular and popular hot beverage.


Yerba maté is full of vitamins and compounds - including caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine - that have various effects throughout the body.

The main effect of yerba maté is to act as a stimulant, much in the way tea or coffee does.


Yerba Maté can be used as a regular tea. Simply place a heaped spoonful per cup in a strainer and allow it to steep in hot (but not boiling) water for 3-4 minutes.

Yerba Maté can also be used in a French coffee press in the way outlined above.

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Reviews (23)

    Good taste
    I like this flavour!


    Amateurs de RedBull.ceci est plus saint et goute très bien.d ailleurs j'en ajoute dans le café.je sais ....mais maté avec gingembre est très bon pour ceux qui aiment les thés


    Great alternative to coffee
    No acidity, no nervousness, no crash. Those theophylline and theobromine along with the vitamins really make a positive difference. I believe it shouldn't become a day-to-day beverage either. I would alternate with ginkgo, guarana, kola, green tea and coffee - according to how I feel and what I need.


    Very nice
    Great tasting very refreshing and nicely stimulating. Great service.


    Muy bueno
    Yo antes habia probado una mezcla de yerbas con mate y me habia gustado pero este mate solo es muy potente, con llenar la bombilla a la mitad y rellenarlo dos o tres veces me quitó el cansancio rapido


    C'est pas mal
    Le goût est assez léger, mais après en avoir pris, ça détend et réduit l'anxiété.


    Ça a été une vraie révélation. Rien n'est mensonger dans la description. Sensation agréable. Cette plante apaise et réveille à la fois. J'ai tendance à avoir une humeur instable et je suis quelqu'un de nerveux. Et le Yerba Maté aide pas mal sur le court comme le long terme.


    I 'd like it!
    Good product,used like a thè with filtro,also in the evening for more energia.Good taste. Thanks Zamnesia!


    Kávé és antidepresszáns helyett
    Reggel a kávéfőzőben 2 csapott teáskanállal főzetet csinálok, citrom és cukor nélkül iszom. Igaz, nem jön a szarás inger, mint mikor a kávé illatát megérzem, viszont finom, energizál, és jó hangulatot okoz.


    Caffè+Té= Yerba Maté
    Sapore vegetale ma tendente al dolce più che al tannico. Preparata come un infuso ( 2g x 250ml di acqua) la sensazione di risveglio è meno scioccante del caffè ma più decisa e rapida del tè. Assunta al mattino regala un risveglio fisico e mentale dolce ma deciso e costante.Personalmente odio il caffè per il suo effetto Up rapido che dopo poche ore lascia spazio ad un Down chiaro! Il tè per contro tende a risvegliare la mente rilassando il corpo, quindi al mattino non è il meglio! La Yerba Maté si posiziona precisamente a metà tra queste due stupende piante!Unica pecca speravo di riceverla nella confezione della foto, invece è arrivata in una busta di plastica salvafreschezza trasparente!

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Yerba Maté (80 grams)
Yerba Maté (80 grams)