Jetpackkratom SILVER Liquid Extract


The Jetpackkratom SILVER Liquid Extract makes it easy to boost your body and mind! 1ml of Jetpackkratom Extract contains 60mg of mitragynine, which is equivalent to approximately 5g of powdered kratom leaf. Dropper bottle contains 10/30ml of liquid kratom extract.

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Volume: 10 ml € 49.00 Out of assortment
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Jetpackkratom SILVER Liquid Extract: Easy-To-Dose Kratom

The Jetpackkratom SILVER Liquid Extract is an easy and convenient all-natural liquid energiser to boost your body and mind. The 10ml dropper bottle fits in any bag or pocket so you can enjoy kratom wherever you are! Perfect for traveling and those with busy lifestyles.

1ml (20 drops) of Jetpackkratom SILVER Liquid Extract contains 60mg of mitragynine, which is equivalent to approximately 5g of powdered kratom leaf. Dropper bottle contains 10ml of highly concentrated kratom extract.


You can simply add Kratom SILVER Liquid Extract to your coffee or any other beverage. Dose to your own taste until desired effect is obtained.


  • Dropper bottle with 10/30ml concentrated kratom extract
  • Ingredients: mitragynine, polyethylene glycol, ultra purified water

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Reviews (23)

    works perfectly for my back pains
    I take kratom for when I have huge back pains and it completely numbs the pain. I take max 9 drops (usually 6) to get rid of the pain. Don't take too much or you will experience horrible dizzyness, nausea and headache. - can be addictive so don't take it too often - it is not just a painkiller. So for people who want to numb their pain it will have some minor side effects.


    Pas le même effet que le kratom en poudre
    Pas le m^me effet que le kratom en poudre. Pour moi ce sont 2 produits très différents Le kratom en poudre produit un effet relaxant et là j'ai plus senti un effet speed sans compter que le goût est vraiment très fort et brûle la langue. Bref je ne re- commanderais pas ce produit Je préfère la poudre de kratom blanc mais chacun ses goûts


    Clear recommendation
    To me, better and more convenient than in shredded, powdered or resin form. Also good dosing with the dripper. Good product. Best value for money (always considering the generally high prices for Kratom in the EU). Clear recommendation.


    20 gouttes avec un peu de citron et du miel dans un verre, effet très sympa et rapide. Je recommande+++


    I am new with Kratom but I have to say that this products actually work! I loved it, I am going to purchase again. It is a little more potent that the gold one, but this is the best choice for me The Zamnesia staff is incredible: the best.


    Pretty decent product, personally used a few drops in coffee as isn’t the best tasting item, I’m going to try powder to get a true reflection


    Good but attention!
    After 10 drops got a nice euphoric and stimulated experience. After 25 drops got a chilled and relaxed experience. Do not try more than 30 drops and never combine it with alcohol and coffeine! Got some hurt at my latest trip on mitragynin :(. But if you use it carefully it is a very good product. Just dont overdose and dont use it every day. Will order again :).. Its much easier and better to use instead of the leaves or powdered kratom.


    super produit
    Efficace et sans trop d'effets secondaires. le tout étant de ne pas en abuser. Nous classerons donc davantage ce produit dans les stimulant plutôt que dans le repertoire grosse défonce. Qd tu as des tas de trucs à faire ou à produire, c'est idéal !


    Nice working extract
    It's a bit pricey, but definitely works. It's much easier for your gut, than powdered or shredded herb. It works the fastest sublingual - it makes your mouth feel weird after a while, it's amazing for toothache! You can also put 10-15 drops in water and drink it on empty stomach. Small dose gives you extra energy (up to 10 drops), higher doses (10-30 drops) makes you nod (makes you sleepy and relaxed). If you suffer from chronic pain (especially back pain) - it's much better for me than any other over the counter painkiller available. You can combine it with CBD salve if pain is really bad. Do not use it every day, because tolerance goes up quickly. Diet rich in L-Tyrosine (meat, eggs, nuts) helps you to keep tolerance low. Don't abuse it, cause Kratom withdrawal is real! Be responsible.


    Great Buy
    5 Star. Really like this product. Helps focus and gos Great with a cup of strong coffee. Can also help with opiate withdrawal and works well. The taste is not good so you may want to get some empty capsules size 00 for 1 dose. Tolerance builds quickly and there is a notable difference between this and the Gold. Both are Five star products and worth the money in my opinion..

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    How To Use: Kratom

    Kratom has long been used as a traditional herbal remedy. So we thought it would be a good idea to put together a short, sweet and informative video detailing everything you need to know about this complex herb – including origin, effects and how to use it.

Jetpackkratom SILVER Liquid Extract
Jetpackkratom SILVER Liquid Extract
Jetpackkratom SILVER Liquid Extract
Jetpackkratom SILVER Liquid Extract