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The CVault storage containers are made of food grade stainless steel and are equipped with a silicone seal and lid with latches for airtight and light-proof sealing. The Cvault is well suited for use as a curing jar, especially the larger 21-litre size.

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Size: 0.175L€ 21.95
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Size: 0.175L € 21.95 In stock
Size: 0.5L € 25.95 In stock
Size: 0.95L € 31.95 In stock
Size: 2L € 43.95 In stock
Size: 4L € 55.95 In stock
Size: 8L € 79.95 In stock
Size: 21L € 129.95 In stock
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The Cvault is one of the ultimate ways to keep your cannabis fresh and potent for as long as possible. Its stainless steel construction, airtight lid and light proof design ensure that any degeneration is kept to an absolute minimum.

To top it all off, the CVault uses a two-way humidipak, both taking excess moisture out of the air and replacing it when it gets low. It allows the CVault to maintain a perfect 62% relative humidity within the container – the ideal humidity for storing most herbs, including marijuana.

This functionality also allows the CVault to act as a curing jar. The 21-litre option is especially suited to this, as it can store fairly large yields.

1-2 Humidipaks included with CVault (depending on CVault size).

For the best results, we suggest to use the Humidipak sizes listed below that corresponds to the Cvault.

Sizes and measurements

Personal Cvault

0.175L - Small - Diameter: 8cm, Height: 4cm - Includes 1x 8 gram humidipak 62%

0.5L - Medium - Diameter: 10cm, Height: 6.8cm - Includes 1x 8 gram humidipak 62%

0.95L - Large - Diameter: 12cm, Height: 8.5cm - Includes 2x 8 gram humidipak 62%

Commercial Cvault

2L - Diameter: 20cm, Height: 10cm - Includes 1 x 67 gram humidipak 62%

4L - Diameter: 23cm, Height: 14cm- Includes 1 x 67 gram humidipak 62%

8L - Diameter: 26cm, Height: 18cm - Includes 2 x 67 gram humidipak 62%

21L - Diameter: 33cm, Height: 26cm - Includes 1 x 320 gram humidipak 62%

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Reviews (31)

    Very good quality
    I ordered the 8l container. High quality material, completely smell proof and can hold around 500g of herbs. Definitely reccomend this for long term storage of you favourite smelly flowers ;)


    C vault 21 l
    Très bien et super pour conserver et affiner si on a de la patience avec cvault très bon produit. Par contre les cadeaux proposés sont ridicules


    Super Qualität
    Bin sehr zufrieden... Gute Verarbeitung. Lassen sich perfekt reinigen...


    endlich schimmelfreies austrocknen ohne angst :-)
    ich kann die behälter nur empfehlen,endlich kann ich mein zeugs perfekt trocknen ohne angst haben zu müssen,in meiner breitnis die gute ware verschimmeln zu sehen...sind zwar teuer,aber sehr stabil und tun was sie sollen,kann ich jedem dauerhaften gärtner nur ans herz legen,spart nicht am falschen ende! :-)


    good product
    The best


    Sturdy and reliable!
    A lifetime buy ! Great product!


    Perfect storage solution
    The cvault keeps the herbs at perfect humidity, protects them from light and seals airtight. I can't imagine a better way to store fragrant herbs.


    cvault is perfect
    cvault is the best and nicest solution to stash my babies I've ever had


    Tres bon produit
    Tres bon produit.


    doet wat ie moet doen. heb hier zeker vertrouwen in :)

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Zamnesia's Experience

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The CVault is a great solution for storing your personal stash of weed. It is lightproof, airtight, odour proof, and maintains perfect 62% level of humidity using a two-way humidity pack. These perfect conditions do not only maintain the quality of your marijuana for as long as possible but can also breathe a little bit of life into weed that has been allowed to dry out too much. It is also constructed from stainless steel, making it durable and easy to keep clean. The larger 2-litre size is ideal for storing the entire yield of a plant, and can even be used to aid in the curing process. All-in-all, an excellent investment for anyone who stores their weed for prolonged periods of time.  

You can read my in-depth review of the CVault on our blog here.

 Green plus sign Lightproof
 Green plus sign Airtight
 Green plus sign Odour Proof
 Green plus sign Stainless steel construct – durable and easy to clean
 Green plus sign Humidity control (maintains 62% RH when pack used)
 Green plus sign Great for curing


 Red minus sign Putting the humidity pack in its lid slot can be fiddley


Written by: Josh
Writer, psychonaut and cannabis aficionado, Josh is Zamnesia’s in-house expert. He spends his days nestled out in the countryside, delving into the hidden depths of all things psychoactive in nature.

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    How To Properly Store Your Weed

    As a cannabis enthusiast, you know that nothing is worse than smoking old, dry, and brittle herb. Improperly stored weed loses flavour and potency, and will often make for an outright awful smoke over time. But how can you keep your weed fresh for a longer period? Find out about the best ways to store your stash!

Storage Container CVault
Storage Container CVault
Storage Container CVault
Storage Container CVault
Storage Container CVault
Storage Container CVault
Storage Container CVault
Storage Container CVault
Storage Container CVault
Storage Container CVault
Storage Container CVault
Storage Container CVault